Monday, December 3, 2012

Skip counting by 5s using hand prints

Another way to practice counting by 5s (or 10s as well) is using these hand prints we created. They are available for you to download for free by clicking here. You can print them on card stock or regular paper and laminate.

Here is how we used them:
We had the sticky notes up in our reading room. The boys laid out their hand prints in front of the sticky notes and practiced counting by 5s while looking at the sticky notes. When they felt comfortable enough they stopped looking at the sticky notes. 

I also had them jump from card to card while counting out loud.

 Here is another way these hand prints can be used. Have the kids lay them out in front of them and give them some snap blocks and have them build towers using five of the blocks.

Here is what they will end up with. Have them count by fives. 5 fingers equals 5 blocks. If they need explanation, you can use the blocks to count 5+5 = 10... if you add 5 you will end up with 10 blocks/fingers. That is why 5 is followed by 10 in skip counting by 5s. Have fun!