Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another Halloween Party!

Here we go again... another year down and we are getting ready for this year's Halloween Party! Kids always have so much fun...

Here is the last year's Halloween Party to hopefully give you some fun ideas for your own!

Here are our costumes. Those are a must for fun Halloween parties. This year, kids requested face paint being part of their costume.

After we painted kids faces we read a Halloween story.

Next activity was Charlie Brown themed Domino.

Kids really laughed a lot during "Place the hat on Mr. Bones" game.  

We drew skeleton on our blackboard and we made sure that kids could reach the top. Then they each got a turn to try to pin the hat on that skeleton. But first we blindfolded them and spun them around! This was a hit!

As one of the crafts we made gauze toilet paper roll ghosts. All you need is toilet paper rolls, gauze and googly eyes. 

Take the roll and wrap it around in gauze. Glue it. Then glue the googly eyes and your new friend done!

Next we decorated a wooden mask that we bought for very cheap price in craft shop. Girl had a princess and boys had a pirate.

Here is the final product... with Mr. Bones :-)

Next we decorated real life small pumpkin using Mr. Potato Head pieces.

Super fun!

You might have to help them poke the holes so do that as you go... that way they can tell you where they want the hole to be. 

And here come the playdough monsters. All you need is playdough, pipe cleaners and other craft supplies that could be used to create a monster. We used googly eyes and  buttons. Kids should press the decorations into the playdogh and let it dry for couple days. Then you can exhibit it...

For lunch we had mummies. Small croissants with hot dogs inside.

They turned out awesome! Again, another hit with the kids...

And how can there be a party without something sweet! We made cupcakes the night before...

... and kids decorated it!