Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blow Art through the straw

This is by far one of our kids favorite art project ever!!! 

You will need:

- drinking straws

- any amount of paint color you desire
(less is better so the colors don't mix into brown)

- paper (we used art easel for easy paint blowing)

- art space, where mess doesn't matter ;-)

Our kids are old enough to know not to suck the paint too much so they don't end up drinking it. If you have younger children, you can cut a small hole in the straw so that doesn't happen.

Time to blow the paint on the paper!

The kids decided to be more creative and used their straw to smudge the paint around.

 Using a shower squeegee was just another of their genius ideas!

One of their finished pieces. 

Let their art work dry and then display in a special place! When we paint on a large piece of paper such as this one, we like to use it later to wrap presents for our friends' birthdays. It is always a big hit!!!

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