Monday, July 16, 2012

Painting with ice cubes

What a fun activity for a hot day! We used it as an art project for "The Letter I" but this is still something the kids like to come back to and I have to reload my ice cube trays with more paint very often.

You will need:

ice cube tray
washable paint
card stock paper

You have to prepare the trays night before. Pick colors and dilute them with water. Pour them into the tray and place into a freezer for overnight.

Take them out immediately before kids are ready to use them because they melt fairly quickly in this weather.  Squeeze the paint out of the tray and have kids paint away.

Because it is hot right now, kids appreciate the cold ice in their hands and don't complain!

Mix colors, smudge them, share them - have fun!

 These are the results! Unplanned effect? The table surface pattern showed up on our pictures! It looked really cool!

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