Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Make a kite

We are back from our summer break and we are ready to dive right back into work. First up is letter K and so we are making a kite. I should stress that this kite is NOT meant to fly, it is just another cute art work we can hang up to decorate our house ;-)

First cut out a diamond out of a stock paper in the usual shape of a kite and draw a line that connects opposite corners. Have the kids color the shapes whatever way they want.

Then have them glue skewers that you cut before hand so they match the length of the lines you drew earlier, on top of the kite.

Punch a hole on the bottom of the kite and tie a string through it. Have the kids tie ribbons to the string just like this.

We had them tie 3 to 4 ribbons.

Your kite is ready for display!

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