Saturday, January 19, 2013

Create your own planets - Solar system art project

The Solar System is on our schedule for the second time in the past 3 years. This is one of the topics the kids enjoy very much and they choose it every time I ask them what they would like to learn about. To kick off the unit, we read the book "There is no place like space" from the Dr. Seuss collection, and since the Cat in the Hat has his own planet at the end of the book, we asked the kid sto design their own Solar system. 

They decided to start by making the stars. They took black construction paper and white paint and by flipping the paint brush's bristles, they splashed the paint on the paper, which makes it look like a galaxy , no kidding!

Then they got down to the floor and traced different sizes of circular objects on an easel paper. 

We separated the project into 3 days. This time they colored their planets with markers, choosing their own design. We did stick to 8 planets but they had a free choice of colors and sizes. They got more creative as they went on.

Here they are ready to glue their planets to the "Space" picture. 

And now there is a new System up in Space! It's The Adi System!


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