Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Party

On Friday we threw an Easter party for the kids! We had so much fun with all the projects but I have to say - it took almost 4 hours to finish! Take a look at some fun activities we prepared:

The big boys practiced some spelling words using Easter foam stickers

The little kids were using Easter sensory box to count to 20. We placed some Easter objects in there such as foam eggs, plastic eggs, foam bunnies, baby chicks...

Then we spray painted egg doilies. That was a big hit! But open your windows or do it outside - it can get smelly!

Let's make Easter egg monsters! This is what you will need:

Make sure that your plastic eggs have pre-made holes. Some of them are sold like that already.

Meet our new friends.

We came up with a board game - "Which chick will bring the most eggs to the Easter egg hunt"

Yes, we drew it ourselves and it wasn't too much work. This is based on addition and subtractions - the players loose and gain eggs as they walk on the board. They have to tell us how many eggs they have in their basket after they loose or gain the amount of eggs listed.

 And of course we colored eggs. We used oil pastels before we submerged them in the colored water.

They turned out very cute!

Happy Easter!

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