Monday, May 6, 2013

100 Days of Homeschool Party

Happy 100 Days of School! If you came to see this post, you are most likely just about to celebrate your big milestone. Kids were so excited for this day to come as they were counting down to it on our daily calendar. We thought we would share some ideas for your special party...
Number 1 request from the kids was to have face painting! How can we say no?

Our next activity was: "100 pieces - What is in the paper bag?" We placed 100 buttons inside a paper bag and closed it up. Kids could shake it, feel it, or do anything else with it and then guess. After everyone guessed, we opened the bag for big revelation (no one got it ;-)

Next up was:

The kids guessed where in the house we will get taking 100 steps. This would be great activity for the outside but the weather didn't allow us. So we walked and counted... and got all the way to the garage.

"How many in a jar?" We filled 3 jars with items and gave the kids sheets of paper with questions on them. One of the jars has 100 pieces... which one? One had less and the other had more? Which one has the least? How many pieces do you think are in the other two jars? Kids were very surprised by the answers! Very fun activity.

We printed a sheet of paper that said "This is me in 100 years". Kids drew a picture of themselves that showed what they think they will look like.

Take a look, this is very entertaining... notice, everyone will have a cane

We finished the party with some ice cream cake! Hope this will give you some help... You can probably find most of the materials around your house the day of the party - that is a key, if you are like us ;-)

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