Friday, November 15, 2013

Action Jackson

The first artist in our study this year is Jackson Pollack. And what else would we start our lessons with but the action painting that Jackson Pollack is so famous for. 

You will need:
big paper
(we used two strips of paper that came with our easel. Next time I would go for sturdier paper or even giant canvas if that would be in your budget)
any kitchen utensils that you think would be fun to use 
(we diluted regular washable paint with water but the artist used regular wall paint, so if you have some left over feel free to use that)
paint brushes

Be creative!

 Wish for good weather, because this is definitely an outside activity! Spread the paper on the ground and secure it with heavy objects on the edges. Let the kids have fun! They can pour, splash, sprinkle... but no actual painting allowed ;-)

 Be prepared for a whole lot of mess but even more fun!

1 comment:

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