Monday, May 14, 2012

Letter H is for Heart

Letter H Heart activities can be easily used for Valentine's Day party as well!

After the kids learn to recognize letter H, we do a letter hunt. You can download the page here. It also comes with letters E, F, G, I, and J for future Letter Hunts. Simply have them place conversation hearts on all letter H they can find on the page.

For math, we are focusing on finishing patterns, so this is the perfect activity for that. You can download the Heart pattern here

If you are just starting patterns, say the pattern out loud and have the kids finish it with you. You can also have them finish it themselves, or if they are advanced, have them work on it alone and then review it after they finish. 

We created a Heart puzzle that you can download here. Simply print it, cut it up, and you can possibly laminate it if you wish.

Have the kids put it together.

In the next activity we combined color recognition and counting to 5. You can download Heart color number find here

You will be using the Conversation Hearts again. After counting the color hearts, have the kids find the same color hearts in their container and place them on the paper. Repeat until you cover all the color hearts on the page.

Our last activity is the Heart Hopscotch. You can find instructions in this post.

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