Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More fun with baking soda and vinegar

We all know what to expect when we combine baking soda and vinegar. We mostly use it for volcano explosions. Here is a little twist to the experiment that makes kids scream (in a good way) and ask for more!

You will need:
see-thru containers
food coloring
deep tray
baking soda

Pour pure vinegar into the containers. Have the kids pick their color and let them pour it in and mix. We also mixed red and yellow for orange and blue and red for purple. Place the containers in the deep tray.

Give kids some spoons and let them fill the containers one by one with a whole lot of baking soda (that depends on how much excitement you are looking for).

Watch what happens and imagine four kids screaming with excitement at the same time!

Now you see why you need the deep tray!

It was an ongoing excitement. We added more vinegar and that gave us more action. But try to add it only twice, it will not work the third time ;-) The colors are so much fun!

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