Monday, April 30, 2012

Letter G is for Gumball

Who doesn't LOVE gumballs? This was the most fun the kids ever had with their letter of the week!
First little kids did the letter hunt. They found letter G on this Letter hunt page. Download for free here.

Yes, the gumballs rolled a bit but that made it more fun! (For the kids anyway ;-) If your child has steady hand it will work fine.

Page for the alphabet book was G for glitter.

We traced the letter G from Confessions of a homeschooler,

and made some do-a-dot art with the letter G as well.

Next up is gumball number hopscotch. 

Place them on the ground in the wrong order so the kids don't know what number is coming. If you just started number order, then you might want to place them in order so the kids don't get confused. Have them count the gumballs and then jump to the next one.

This was a big hit. 
Kids generally like when learning something includes motion.

We did number order with our number note cards. 
Have the kids put the cards in right order and then place the right amount of gumballs on each card.

The big kids used gumballs for addition. This time it was for a worksheet called "How many ways can you make 5?" They had two extra cupcake liners to divide the 5 gumballs in two different group amounts. 

Here are some suggestions for our letter G books from Amazon

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