Monday, April 2, 2012

Coloring Easter eggs the natural way

Last year, I tried to look for some natural ways of egg coloring. I decided to share this with you, so you can color your eggs this year and actually eat them as well!

Here is our work station (check lower for details on what I used):

Blueberries would give me the purple colored egg.

Onion peels always end up in rustic colored eggs. 

I was hoping for orange color while using sweet pepper spice in this pot.

Could grass help me achieve a green colored egg?

I decided to try leaf prints on the green colored eggs...

During the process...

I left it boiling for about 15 minutes.

And here is the result:

By far my favorite were the blueberries and onion peels. What didn't work at all? The grass... The eggs colored very lightly. And the leaves ended up sliding off the eggs so next time I have to secure them better.

Do you have a natural way of egg coloring? Please feel free to share and attach your link to your comment!


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