Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Earth Day day-by-day (Day 3)

Let's love our Planet and try each day, 
to do all things the greener way!!!

Day 3 - Upcycle used objects

What exactly means to upcycle something? It means, that you take something that you used and instead of throwing it out, you make something new out of it - something better. Here are few ideas for upcycling with small kids:


- CD into a wind chime
- plastic milk jug into a bird feeder (see our previous post)
- plastic milk jug into a Holiday decoration
- broken tiles into mosaic
- turn broken crayons into new ones
- kids' paintings into wrapping paper
- make a house out of a card box
- etc.

We are including a tutorial for the CD wind chime!

You will need:
Used CD
embroidery threads
sea shells with holes 

Drill holes into the CD then have kids color the CD for fun.

Then have them put sea shells onto the thread. I was very happy to finally find a good use for some of my sea shells!

Loop the thread through the holes in the CD and your wind chime is finished! (You can see we used paper clips to hold the thread in place. You can do that if you don't have a drill.)

These wind chimes we admired by everyone who came over! And the sound they made was very calming!

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