Friday, April 6, 2012

Letter D is for Dinosaur

After our great two weeks of Earth Day day-by-day series, we are back to our regular activities posts. This time we would like to share some letter D activities that you can do with your preschoolers. As you can see below, the big kids participated as well!!!

The little kids are working on their special ABC book. Every week we go over one letter of the alphabet and they decorate a page with something that begins with that particular letter. We did it last year with the big kids and the final product was really rewarding for them. I will create a separate post to explain to you the process. 

Anyway, back to letter D - first they decorated letter D page with Do-a-dot paint (D for dots).

Then, they went on to trace letter D with erasable marker. We got the template from Erica at Confessions of the homeschooler. We print the page and place it inside a protective sleeve. That way we can keep practicing over and over.

From the same website, we printed this sheet. The kids use Do-a-dot to color all the circles of the letter in. This helps them to faster recognize the shape.

It's time to dig up some dinosaurs! We put small rubber dinos into a plastic bag filled with shredded paper. Then I hid them. Be prepared that this could become dusty and messy but overall they liked digging up the dinosaurs!

The big kids used the small rubber dinosaurs to help them with additions. 


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