Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Earth Day day-by-day (Day 2)

Let's love our Planet and try each day, 
to do all things the greener way!!!

Day 2 - Build animal houses and feeders

Why not build an animal house just for fun! Pretend that a chipmunk could use a fancy entrance to his hole in the ground... or bunnies a nice front porch to their burrow. Kids will come up with endless varieties of stories and a forest is full of material. We tried to use all material that was already broken or peeled of or otherwise destroyed. The sticks were laying on the ground, the moss was taken few days ago from the roof of the cabin, fern leaves came from a spot were they were not  wanted, and rocks were collected by the creek.

A cute shelter was born!

We also painted a bird house and hung it in our back yard. And last but not least, we built a bird feeder from an used milk jug. 

You will need:

used milk jug, washed
wooden dowels or sticks
bird seeds

Cut out two holes for the birds to be able to get in for the seed and four holes for the wooden dowels to help the birds stand on while eating. 

...and no, it isn't squirrel proofed... I found this little guy all squished inside of the jug having a feast... nothing peeking out. ;-)

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