Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter eggs numbers addition and number recognition

We are in the Easter mood around here and so we are trying incorporate the excitement into our learning. 

In this math activity we used plastic Easter eggs, Jelly Beans, eraser board and erasable markers.

I filled up the plastic eggs with random amount of jelly beans and placed them into our math workbox. 

The boys had to open two eggs at a time, write the amount of the first one, write the plus sign and then write the second number... trying to keep the numbers on the red line. Then they had to add the amounts and write the result. 

Are you asking if they got to eat their props? Of course they did, but not till all their problems were finished ;-)

I love activities that get to be put together in just a short time with things you can find around the house. 

...and look what we did for the little preschoolers:

Number Recognition

Fill up the Easter eggs with Jelly beans so that each of them has the same amount of the jelly beans as it is written on each nota card.

Have the kids line up the card in the right numeric order first. Then have them open one egg at a time and have them place the jelly beans on the correct note card with the same number as the amount of jelly beans they opened.

This is how it should look when finished.

Have fun! 

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