Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day Scavenger Hunt

As a closing activity to our 2nd week
"Earth Day, day-by-day" unit,
we participated in
Save the Earth Scavenger Hunt in our backyard!
We will take you through it step by step
and show you how you can also participate
in such fun activity with your kids! 

here are your scavenger hunt notes,
pledge and the scavenger hunt list to the kids
that you can download for free here.
Print them out, fold the notes, and hide them in a certain spot. Mark that spot with an "X" out of sticks.
The pledge and the hunt list you will use as you go.

Read the first note to the kids right by your house. 

We had the kids dress in superheroes costumes, as they joined the Earthman in mission to save the Earth.

Let's go save the Earth!
(Our base was the tree-house)

First mission is to pick up all the garbage into bags!

They did great! 

Next task was to sort the garbage into bags for compost, recycling, and garbage.

Next we found note number four. We were asked to make something out of the recyclable garbage! 

We decided to make yogurt "scarecrow sticks" to help us scare the birds and chipmunks from eating our strawberries.

You will need a drill, string, scissors, stick, and 6 yogurt cups. Drill holes into the yogurt cups on the bottom sides and have the kids put the string through them. Cut strips into the yogurt cup as you can see on the pictures.

Tie the strings to the stick and... the strawberries are hopefully protected for this summer!

Note number 5 told us to feed the animals!

We took care of our chickens and fish!

The next note left us a scavenger hunt list.
We had to find objects on the list in our backyard and cross them out once we found them!

Look at this cute double nest we found on our house!

This was a fun activity the kids enjoyed a lot!

Next "X" was located by the table, where we had art supplies waiting for us!

Earthman asked us to decorate grocery bags!
We needed bigger size canvas bags, fabric paint, and brushes.

Look at the cute results!

We will have the best bags in town!

The last note asked us to sign the pledge
to keep our Earth clean!

And how about an earthly dessert?

You will need some gummy worms and a brownie!

Mush up the brownie to make it look like dirt and hide the worms in there! Yummy!

Happy Earth Day everyone!!!

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