Thursday, April 19, 2012

Earth Day day-by-day (Day 7)

Let's love our Planet and try each day, 
to do all things the greener way!!!

Day 7: Compost all things possible

Why compost? The answer is simple - because we need more of good soil! It is quite easy - you take some of not so good soil, you put it in a compost container and you start throwing things in there that are compostable and that would otherwise make it to the landfill!

And what a great Earth Day lesson for the children! They can learn about the full cycle, where we not only save the landfills from some garbage, but they can also see how the yucky food scraps get changed into something useful, something naturally organic!

Here is a sample of a compost bin you can build out of left over wood you might have used for your garden or some other house project!

And here is one that was build not only from left over scraps but also using classic wooden pallets that would usually get thrown away...

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