Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Party

Last year, we threw a fun Halloween party for our kids at "school". We thought we would share the whole morning with you and maybe this will help you in planning your own party this year :-)

This is the crew

We started the party with disco dancing! 
Some cool tunes are the Addams Family or Ghost busters!

The disco ball gave it the right touch!


Then "the witch" read couple Halloween books.


 Here are some classic books that are our favorites:

Then we put together a Mellissa and Dough pirate puzzle!

We painted some jar pumpkins. Click here for the instruction post.

...and we also made gauze ghost. The instruction post is here.

We made mac'n'cheese for lunch. (doesn't it look like maggots? yuck)

 For drinks we went with the fun worm juice (berry juice with gummy worms inside).

We had the kids decorate sugar cookies (we prepared the dough the night before).


Hope this year will be as successful as the last year one! Have fun!!!

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