Monday, February 25, 2013

Melting crayons

When we saw this activity over at the Chasing Cheerios blog, we knew it would be an instant hit. We took an 8x10 canvas and stuck two rows of double sided tape to it at the top.

Then we placed pieces of unwrapped crayons to the tape at any pattern kids chose. Watch out, some of the crayons tend to slide until they melt at least a bit.

 We used a hair dryer to melt them. Put it on high and hot option. And let the canvas lay down on the table.

Now you can stand it up, the crayons will stay put.

Look at the cool way they are running down that canvas! We were all in awe!

 Kids decided to stop at this point and let it all dry this way. If you don't want to have any thicker pieces of crayons on the canvas, blow on them with the dryer till they all run off at the bottom. This looked really cool to us. We can't wait to hang it up!

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