Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Party

Since we started this blog just after Valentine's Day last year, we didn't get to share our party. So we thought we would catch up now.

Take a look at our workboxes - we have some Valentine's Day reading, Color Sorting, Stamping, Lolly pop craft, and Crayon making.

First up was a lolly pop craft. We had some styrofoam that we cut into circles and had the kids paint with a color they chose.

We poked the pop sickle stick on the bottom and waited till they dried. We wrapped the top in a Valentine's treat bags. They turned out so cute. We are still using them as decorations.

Next we played memory game with cut out hearts. They were blank on one side and had love themed words written on the other side. This helped the big boys with practicing reading. Some words were "forever", "love", "always", "like", "heart", etc.

We sorted lady bugs according to their size.

And we matched colors using buckets and pom poms of the same colors, purple and pink. We tried to keep it all in the Valentine's Day theme. 

Kids created some cute cards using heart stamps by Melissa and Doug. 

After reading some books we went up to the kitchen to create some sweet treats. We shaped chocolate chip cookies into hearts!

And last but definitely not least, we recycled some old crayons into new very cute heart shaped crayons and used them as gifts for our friends for Valentine's day. I will include a link with step by step instructions on how to do that soon. This was our favorite activity by far!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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