Saturday, November 3, 2012

How muscles work

How do muscles help us move? They are attached to our bones by tough, cord-like tissues called tendons, which allow the muscles to pull on bones. We wanted to show the kids how this relationship works and here is how:

You will need:
2 paper towel tubes (bones)
rubber band (tendon)
tennis ball or styrofoam ball (joint)

First punch one hole close to the edge of each tube using hole puncher. Cut your rubber band in half and and tie each end to each hole.

 Then insert the ball (which serves as a joint) between the tubes just like this...

and close it up like that...

Now I simulated the movement by sliding the tubes on the ball, which caused the rubber band to expand. This will help you explain how the muscles move the arm (in this case) by contracting and relaxing.

Have the kids copy the movement with their elbow and have them feel the movement that happens on the inside!

This is how it should look.It is really a great way to show kindergartners and in our case also preschoolers what really happens when they use their arms and legs!

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