Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Painting life size "me"

At the beginning of our Human Body unit, we had the kids paint themselves in real size in order to show us how much they know about their bodies. This is what we did:

First we had them lay down on a piece of rolled out paper that is intended for easels. That gave us enough space to trace their body using black washable marker.

We ended up with somewhat accurate outline of a person.

Then we had them color themselves in, using paint. We had them first think about what they might be wearing and what colors they liked.

When they finished, we had them name different parts of their body. This was a little recap of last year's Human Body study for the big kids and a pre-test for the little kids in preschool. 

Fun characters we ended up with, right? Love the smile :-)

It was a bit tough to exhibit their art because of the size, but they had tons of fun making something so "huge" for a change. :-)

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