Monday, November 19, 2012

Organs in the spotlight

During our week of organ study, we put together a puppet show for the kids, in which organs were arguing about which one was more important. You can download the script here.

I was very lucky to "inherit" this puppet show theater that was made by my very dear friend Amy. It is just a very simple piece of dark fabric that has a square opening closer to the top. There is a velvet fabric that is used for a curtain in the square opening. It all hangs on a shower curtain rod, which you can adjust to any doorway size. There is a large Home Depot wooden ruler sown into the middle of the theater so that it holds nice and straight.

The kids got complementary drink of water from the kidneys, who reminded them how important it is for them to drink plenty of water.

Say hello to our famous cast. This was a big hit with the kids... and the adults had fun preparing it ;-)

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