Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Maybe you are looking for some last minute St. Patrick's Day activities to do with your kids today. I have just the right solution for you! Below, I will post two easy activities, with supplies that you will be able to find around your house in just few minutes, and that your kids will love!


In this activity kids will color rice using food coloring and ziplock bags!

Pour some rice into ziplock bags (the more the better, so later you have enough for the kids to dig in for treasure). Have them pick their food coloring colors. 

Then have them add some drops to the rice in the ziplock bag. It depends how much rice you have - if you have lots of it, put more food coloring and the other way around. Also, you can make purple and orange by putting in two colors together. 

Close the ziplock bag and have the kids spread the food coloring all over by gently playing with the bag.

And here is the result. Isn't it just beautiful? We used brown rice and it still colored nicely! 

...and more RAINBOW

You will need pipe cleaners in the rainbow colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple; and a piece of styrofoam.

Have the kids put one end of the pipe cleaner into the styrofoam, bend it, and put the other end in. Follow the rainbow color pattern.

Here is the final product!

Have a fun St. Patrick's Day celebration!

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