Saturday, March 24, 2012

What the wind blows

My preschoolers loved this science experiment! It was a time when we learned about wind in our weather unit and I wanted to show them what wind can and cannot blow (well of course I am aware of tornadoes, but I wasn't going to go that far just yet). 

I chose few lite ( feathers, yarn pieces, and paper to name few) and heavy objects (sea sells, rocks and box of crayons) and gave the kids a hair dryer!

The feather were gone with the wind...

He just couldn't resist :-)

The sea shells wouldn't move (I chose bigger one).

Nope, box of crayons wouldn't let the wind win either.

Paper heart was moving (it was around Valentine's Day so this object was perfect for demonstration)

After each object, the boys wrote down the data they collected (I really just had them underline the objects with either of two colors - blue for moved, red for didn't move). 

And look what we made during this class!!! Recycled wind chimes! I will post tutorial next!

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  1. Love this! It will be the perfect science activity to go with our "W" week! Thank you for sharing!