Thursday, March 22, 2012

Painting with Marbles

Painting with marbles is such a fun way to experiment with art! Every school day I try to incorporate an interesting art project. The kids have no idea what I have up my sleeve and at the beginning of our school they beg to draw a paper out of our art jar. I have several ideas written on colorful note cards and they take turn to pick one at the beginning of our day. That gives me enough time to prepare the supplies during our activities that come prior to art. So...

Here is what you need:

card stock paper
(big enough to fit the paper... I used cookie sheets)

Have the kids choose 3 colors. If they choose more, the painting might look a bit dark, almost brown. Three colors give it the right twist! Squeeze some of each on the paper.

Here is our second choice.

Place marble on top of the paper and have the kids roll them around the tray. 

The boys were pretending the marbles were race cars. 

Here is a picture during the process.

And here is the final outcome from the first one!

And let's take a look at our other artist's work.

And the outcome...


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